Store FAQ

 The Always Raining Here store is now live! This shop is entirely run by Hazel + Bell, so please keep in mind that we are running it between our other schedules.

Shipping Questions

How much is shipping?

Shipping varies by weight and by location, and costs accordingly. Shipping to Canada and the USA is generally cheaper International. You can proceed through check out to find the exact costs of shipping on your order. We exclusively use Canada Post to ship our orders.

When do packages get sent out?

Orders are usually shipped out by the end of the week (Thursday or Friday), so if you order a package earlier in the week we like to take them all at once. Sometimes we are bad and it can take two weeks to get your package shipped, but we try our best to be speedy. 

All packages are shipped from Vancouver, Canada.

When will my order arrive?

Arrival time of your order depends on your shipping selection (Surface, Airmail, or Tracked Package). Surface shipping is slow but cheap, but can sometimes take up to months to arrive. Airmail is recommended for a timely arrival of your order. If you are worried about your order, you can also select the Tracked Package option, where we will send you a tracking number after we send it out. 

More questions? You can use our contact form or send us a tweet.